Outside Toys Are The Best

Because we live in a rather small house, a few of Kensley's larger toys
are stored outside in our building.  She has quickly learned to run to the
building and beg for someone to unlock the doors.
Today, her favorite toys were her 4-wheeler, a random stick,
and a play baby monitor to a doll set that our
family friend, Vickie, got Kensley last fall.
{Apparently, it was a phone today instead of a monitor}
Following in Daddy's footsteps


Eliott, Kayla and Lucas said...

Those are the cutest pics..She is just like Lucas. He uses everything and anything as a phone..

Ina said...

so cute~ Can't wait to see her :) Let's hope she keeps all 4 tires ON the ground!

Kanko's Wife said...

Jaeli has even used nail clippers as a phone once... haha!

Lateshia said...

She is adorable! Looks like she is having such a great time!