Hi Everyone!

{ Itty Bitty waving }

Guess what?

Mama and Daddy have officially decided on my name!

I've heard Mama call me it a few times, but she better be careful;
she might slip up before the Half Baked Party that I've been hearing about. 

Mama went out on a limb and let Daddy pick my name.
Daddy says that, "It's the coolest name ever".

Mama said that she agreed since the meaning is perfect, so I guess it's a done deal.
I'm only going to be Itty Bitty on the blog for a few more weeks until the big reveal!

So what do you think?
Who do I look like to you?

A Phillip or a Mildred?

FYI: Those were Rob's name choices when we were pregnant with Kensley


Vicky said...

Love the little wave! Your baby is more cooperative than mine!

All three of my boys hid when they did the ultra sounds...ugh.

Can't wait to hear what you are naming the baby!

Justin and Lisa said...

love the litte wave!

Lateshia said...

Awww! Itty Bitty! I can't wait to get all of your stuff personalized with "Mildred" LOL!