Cardboard Testimonies

As I've mentioned before, Kensley and I have been visitng a new church.

I like it.
I like the people.
I like the location.
I like that you feel God's love.
I like the laid back/old time feel.
I like the opportunites it has for Kensley.

But most of all, I like that the people seem REAL.

They proudly stand up and share what God has done in their lives.
They are not perfect; the congrgation is littered with former
drug addicts, alcholics, cheaters, and sinners.

In Rob and I's daily life, we've been struggling with people
wanting to play the "God Card". 

You know, those who are lost and wicked, but want to claim God to rescue them
in a time of need but never look back and return to their old hurtful and sinful ways.

Say that they are a Christian, but live totally differnt.

Sure, we understand that it's not our "problem" and that their judgment day is coming...
but it's still hurtful to misrepresent for all the good Christians out there.

I follow Petrice's blog and she shared this clip from their church service.

How moving.

Made me think of what MY cardboard testimony would be.

How would I just pick ONE thing?

God has done {and continues} to do so much... how would I choose?

Cardboard Testimonies
Click for YouTube Video

P.S. Want to know what else makes this church so special?
It has a contemporary edge to it, but they still sing this hymn!

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Vicky said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post!

Did I mention I love it??

And I completely agree with you about "Grace". I am so glad that you are enjoying it and hope to see ya back soon!

You need to get better :) We are all prayin' for ya!