{ Blessings }

If anyone knows my Mom,
they know that she keeps track of her
blessings in a special Blessing Book.
She stores it on the top of their fridge and multiple times a week,
she takes it down and jots down blessings that she's thankful for.

Some blessings seem big - marriages, births, jobs, and answered prayers. 
While others seems small - date nights, sleeping in on Saturdays,
safe travels, and long distance phone calls.

Every year at Thanksgiving, we all gather at my Grandma's house
and go around in a circle and share some of the things that we are most thankful for. 

My Mom participates, but always brings her book
for us to read through the rest of the afternoon.

She has taught me {among other things} to always "count your blessings". 

In 2001, I learned how to count my blessings differently.

The day after Christmas, while moving to Indiana, I was in a car wreck.

A very SERIOUS car wreck.

The details are sketchy, but I apparently lost control of my car on I-64,
crossed over the median, went airborne and landed
on another vehicle traveling the opposite direction.

My car instantly caught on fire and a stranger used an ax to rescue me from the burning inferno.
I do remember regaining consciousness, laying naked along side of the interstate,
hearing the helicopter landing to transport me to the hospital, and then
don't remember waking up again until I was in the emergency room.

I had 2 collapsed lungs, 7 broken ribs, a crushed foot... but amazingly, NO BURNS!
Now... try to explain to me how you can be pulled from a car
that looked like that, and have NO burns on your body.

I was awake as the Doctors in the Emergency Room struggled to get the chest tubes in place between
my broken ribs, and lost consciousness and don't remember waking up for 3 more days.
I had glass in my eyes and they were wrapped with gauze.  When the gauze was removed,
the first thing I was a tiny sticker that said, "Expect a miracle"

From that day forward, that's just what I did... I expected a miracle.

Although I was released from the hospital 17 days later after having lung surgery,
I endured 4 more surgeries in Chicago to repair my crushed foot. 

That's when I realized how important it was to count my blessings, no matter how big or how small, it was all about perspective and being grateful for the many blessings I have been given.

I don't write in a Blessing Book like my Mom, but I have a little sheep that serves as a constant reminder of where I've been, and where I'm going, that sits in our kitchen widow seal.

This past week when the weather finally broke and I just had to take a picture of the thermometer...
along with my little sheep of course.  Warm weather is such a blessing!

69 degrees!  WHOO HOO!
Kensley was thrilled to finally be able to play outside.
{ Daddy's Hands }

Wonder where Kensley is off and running to?

To give Beinsyn some lovies!
As soon as Daddy got home from work the next day, he drug all of her toys out!
(And of course, she had to lay on Beinsyn)
She's not a girly-girl... dirt doesn't scare her... and sticks amaze her!
But... her favorite will ALAWAYS be rocks!

She is getting very good at running - the faster you chase her, the quicker she runs!
* This is why she is always seen in play clothes on the blog *

Yes, she does have cute clothes, but when she chooses to lie in the rocks,
I'm not putting her best outfits on her!
What more could you ask for?
Rocks and Beinsyn... life for Kensley can't get much better!

Ever wonder what Rob does while he's not chasing Kensley or playing with her?
Umm... yah... OCD in overdrive!
He is cleaning our air conditioning unit with a baby wipe!

{ That's just one reason why I love him so, he takes care of EVERYTHING that we have }

So... have you counted your BLESSINGS today?


Megan said...

wow-what an unbelievable story! and you know what is crazy...i have that exact same 'count your blessings' journal and i have used it to write to one of my daughters since the 1st week she was born...counting my blessings all the time :)

Crissy said...

OMG....Girl!! Now that's pretty sad...we are distant (3rd) Cousins and I didn't know anything about this! Holy crap...you have made my wreck nothing and we thought it was bad...I completely agree with your message of 'Count Your Blessings' DAILY!! Bless your heart and God does work miracles!!! Look how precious your life and family are now!! Just wished we could be in more touch than we have been through the years!

Dana Kangas said...

That is an amazing testimony to God's grace. Thanks for sharing....

HeidiAdeleSnyder said...

Wow!!! I'm so glad that you survived!!!!