Another Failed Photography Attempt

Last year I took Kensley's Easter pictures and was pleased with the outcome.
This year, I had the same expectation... I just wanted to get ONE "perfect" shot.

Mom found the "perfect" location for this year's shoot and she called the family
to confirm that it would be okay to take some photographs in their field
of daffodils that they planted over 15 years ago.

Notice that there are NO pictures.

Kensley screamed, kicked, cried, wailed, flailed... was wasn't having it... AGAIN!

After a quick nap, we headed to location #2.

With her Diva glasses on, I thought we may be in luck.

But instead, Kensley, was more interested in the rocks... of course.

And... reading a book, but not cooperating for any photos.
Here's the best shot of the day - not bragworthy - but since she's in this
NO PICTURE FUNK I'll take what I can get these days...
at least she's not crying... or broke out in hives... in this photo!

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Lateshia said...

Ha ha ha! Kens! She cracks me up!