19 months 2 Weeks 5 Days

Mom, Kensley and I went to Cedar Lakes today.

Kensley liked the geese, but didn't understand why I wouldn't let her in the water.
{ More on that at the end of this post }
Little Miss Independant decided she could go down the slide by herself.
Not a good idea!
It's so much more fun when Mamaw helps

And like every kid, she wanted to climb up the slide
So what's up with the title of the post?

Let's just say that's when I think the Terrible Two's started!

The smallest things will set her off. 

No, you can't get in the water and swim with the ducks.
No, you can't lick the little boy at the playground.
No, you can't take that girl's dog.
No, you can't stand in the middle of the road.
No, you can't eat hand sanitizer.

Although the reasons for her melt downs differ,
the reaction is always the same!
Oh, how I hope this phase lasts only a little while...
and I don't throw my back out trying to carry her trashing body!

DISCLAIMER:  Her fat lip is not a result of discipline; she fell off of a step stool
at Rob's doctor's appointment yesterday and put 2 teeth through her lip.


Eliott, Kayla and Lucas said...

Your not the only one. Lucas has been doing this for months. So I think it may even start sooner then this..Little things set Lucas off also, he even hits back when you try and correct him. He has also been smacking himself in the face. I have no clue why either..Is Kensley doing this yet?

Lateshia said...

Stop being so mean to my Kens!!! LOL! Just playing. I know EXACTLY what you are going through....lol.

Lateshia said...
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