19 Month Accomplishments

Kensley has turned into quite the little explorer, and I catch myself calling her,
my little mechanic, just like Rob.  She has discovered how to turn the lights off/on and
thinks it's silly to hear us scream in the darkness.
{I wonder who started this; hints the sarcasm}

The warmer weather has allowed her to play outside more
and often has to be drug inside kicking and screaming. 
Our cat, Beinsyn, is quite the trooper, but Kensley is starting to get
disciplined more due to injuring the cat.  She finds it silly to sit, hit and/or kick the cat...
things we simply won't tolerate... but we wonder why the cat takes it!

She has a new favorite song: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.
When she wants you to sing it to her, she will hold her head. 

Funny Story:  Obviously, Kensley doesn't sing yet, but for days she would randomly walk around the house holding her head.  Not being able to figure out what was wrong, by the third day, I gave in and gave her some Tylenol assuming that must be how she was trying to tell us she had a headache.

Later that day, while watching, Your Baby Can Read, the song came on,
and out of the corner of my eye, I saw her hold her head as the children pointed to theirs. 
What a little stinker!

We have been attending a new church, and Kensley has been able to attend nursery with kiddos her same age.  After a month, her vocal sounds have improved dramatically; enough the nursery workers even mentioned her progress!
Here is her first project she made at church!
{I was thrilled that they spelled her name right as well}

Kensley's interest in books has been revisited as we are trying to monitor the amount
of movies/tv she watches.  The Easter Bunny told me that since she's been good,
he will be bringing her new books... we'll have to see!

 Kensley has become a very picker eater {hey, she comes by it honestly}
but I'm starting to see the frustration my parents had with me. 

Her most sought after treats are OREOS!
Random Fact:  There are 51 varieties of Orero cookies

Despite Kensley's lack of interest in nutritional food, she is still growing!
She now wears a size 4 diaper and size 7 shoe.
Mom painted Kensley's nails during one of their slumber parties for the first time!
{I love that my Mom thought to take pictures of this special pampering}

Can anyone guess what Kensley is doing here?
After 19 months of signing to her - she FINALLY has decided to sign back!
{This gesture means "more"}

Yes, I started crying like a crazy women when she did it - it's really one of our first signs of communication. 
Signing "more" is way better than screaming at the top of her lungs until we can guess what she wants!

More of what you may be asking yourself?

More of her first Frosty!


Vicky said...

Loved it! Glad to see that she is progressing so well. She is too cute! You make me feel like I definitely need to start taking more pictures!! LOL, and I thought I took a ton already.

Megan said...

Yay for Kensley!!! So many great things are happening and you can tell she is enjoying every minute :) She is such a cutie and you are going to have so much fun this summer! (side note: I am very interested to hear more about those oreos...) haha

Eliott, Kayla and Lucas said...

Your not alone with the kicking and screaming when you have to drag them in the house. Lucas is also doing the picking eating here recently..Mostly not wanting to eat..You always have her dressed in the cutest clothes. Im glad she is doing so much better with her speach. Keep up the good work Kensley

Lateshia said...


Justin and Lisa said...

Love the sign picture!! How precious!