$0.25 Well Spent!

Last week, as you probably remember reading,
my Mom spent $0.25 on Kensley's bouncy ball at Old Navy.

It was well spent!

This week, Mom found a STEAL OF A DEAL... this flexible tunnel... for only $0.25!
{Yes, she has taught me all the penny-pinching techniques I know}

Rob was so proud of her once she learned how to crawl through.

Her Tinkerbell movie case may, or may not have been,
a bride to turn around and crawl back through again!

Bless her heart; she just wanted to bring her stroller through the tunnel with her,
but she had a hard time understanding that it was too big.

After all, her and Daddy both fit!?!

1 comment:

Lateshia said...

HA HA HA! Oh Kens!! She is a crack up! I need to have your mom find me some great deals!!! Guess I gotta move closer to ya to partake! LOL!