Warm February Sunday

Today, we had some unseasonably warm weather and spent some time outside playing.
We all seem to have cabin fever; spring can't come soon enough!
Kensley started clapping when she saw Rob's RC truck start up...

... but I don't think that she really likes it!  Her crying was short-lived,
as she is easily distracted with things like sticks.

As she was casually looking at the holly bush, and out of nowhere, WHAM...
the truck ran into Kensley's leg!  (And you wonder why she doesn't like it)
Daddy sure can be a crazy driver - here's the proof!
Kensley's recently discovery of jelly beans has convinced her that the
berries off of the holly bush were jelly beans!

{ I love her fair complection in natural sunlight }

Think our life is picture-perfect?
Think again! Here's a few candid outtakes to make you laugh.

"Kensley, DO NOT lick Bentli's bottom... and pull up your pants, please!"
"These little feet have learned to walk,
And now they've learned to run.
These little feet just love to dance,
They climb and have some fun.
These little feet don't want to rest,
They only want to play.
These little feet are busy feet,
They're on the go all day!"

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Ina said...

Love the new pics! My favorite is the one with the cat :p Chris wants an RC truck now...Can you imagine them BOTH having one?? Glad you all got to get out for awhile. Love the new clothes too :o)