Today... we played SNAKES!!!

No, we didn't play with snakes... we played snakes! 

{That's what we call play doh around our house since Kensley LOVES to make snakes}
I'm happy to report that Kensley has even started making the "ssssss" sound!
In the end, there were lots of little giggles, and lots of pieces of play doh on the floor, but it's okay!

In a few years, Kensley won't remember how clean our house was, that we never had dishes in the sink, or laundry that needed folded, but she WILL remember that Mama took time to play SNAKES!


PegramPack said...

That is so true! I am trying to tell my husband the same thing (I used to be so concerned about keeping my house spotless but I have realized how fast the kids grow up and they won't remember how clean our house was but rather the special things we did together).

Corey said...

I am jealous you guys can play playdoh... I am certain cannon would eat it... a lot of it.
tomorrow's the big day! can't wait ot hear!