I'm Thankful...

* for a dependable (most of the time) car to get me to & from the grocery store
* to shop in stores where things are typically pretty clean and sanitary
* to have enough money to buy the food we like, not just the staples
* to no longer worry about finding special food for Kensley and commuting an hour to purchase it
* to come home to a warm house with all new appliances to keep our food cool
* to buy bottled water because it is convenient; not because we can't drink our water
* to have parents who instilled in me the importance of family meals
* for a husband that appreciates whatever I cook...
even if it's burnt offerings for the 3rd time this week

What are you thankful for?

1 comment:

Justin and Lisa said...

Wow!! Even your fridge is organized! I know where I can visit this week :)