Speech Breakthrough

Yesterday, Kensley said her first phrase!

Rob has been busy working {his regular job} in addition to flipping another house.
If you're keeping track, yes, this is his 3rd flip this year.

Financially it has been rewarding, but it's a sacrifice by the whole family.

While Rob is away, I'm left trying to entertain Kensley... who only wants her Daddy.

Yesterday, Kensley became very restless and would lead me by the hand
to the front and side doors, and in the most pitiful voice imaginable,
she said, "Peas Da Da,  Da Da, Peas"
Translation:  Please Daddy, Daddy please"!

She would point to the car and say the same thing, find items of his and beg for her Daddy.

Although it was heartbreaking, it made me realize
just how special Rob and Kensley's relationship really is.

Enjoy this walk down memory lane as you can see their love grow!

~ No matter what, Kensley will always be Daddy's little girl ~


Lateshia said...

AWWWW!!!!! Good for Miss Kens! And how sweet are these pics with her Daddy!

Ina said...

That mascara is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to remove from lashes so I can't imagine how you got it off of everything else!!
Love the pics :)