Diagnosis: Unknown

On Wednesday afternoon I was fine... by Wednesday evening... I was in excruciating pain!

I called my Mom to tell her about the horrible cramping I was experiencing.

Later that evening, I called my parents back and asked that they take me to the hospital.

Mom took me to the Emergency Room while Dad spent the night here with Kensley.

(We're been having a lot of snow, which means that Rob gets called out for snow removal)

I thought that I would check in, they would do an ultrasound of itty bitty, make sure everything was okay and then they would send me on my merry way!
Well... that's NOT how it happened!

Sparing you most of the details, I ended up being admitted to the hospital because
the pain I was experiencing was so intense; it made me sick to my stomach.

Somehow in the mess of being admitted into the ER twice in 12 hours,
my chart failed to reflect the PAIN that I was having!

In the end, I was never given a diagnosis...
don't even think the results were read from the test prior to me being released!

Once I saw that itty bitty was okay (heartbeat of 163 b/p/m and
gestation size of 8 weeks, 1 day - 4 days ahead of our estimated due date)
I was a bit relieved, but still felt like we didn't know any more
than we did when I was first admitted!

{I hope to get these scanned soon, but for now, here's a sneak peak}

Now that you know the baby is okay, if you want to stick around for the rest of the story,
sit back and relax!

Those 3 {long} days taught me that I was NOT
cut out for sharing a room as a child or living in a dorm with anyone!

Yes, I've been lucky, I've never had to "share" my space with anyone.
(Rob doesn't count - we're so compatible, it's NEVER been an issue)

It took about 5 minutes and I was about to strangle my roommate... literally!

At first, I tried to be patient because it quickly became apparent
that she was less than high functioning.

But... there's only SO much sympathy one can offer.

It started off on a bad note: BODY ODOR!

As soon as I was wheeled into the room, I almost threw up!
(this time not from pain, but rather the funk that
was coming from behind the curtain beside me)

Yes, I'll admit, I have super-bionic pregnant woman sense of smell,
but this was BAD... even her visitors were suggesting that she take a bath!

My Mom took one look at me and knew I needed help!
I just love my Mom, she's so clever and comes up with the BEST ideas!

Almost instantly, Mom poured some of the trial size mouth wash
onto a towel and placed it on my chest
(like you would do with Vicks Vapor Rub)
to compensate for the foul aroma.

From there it went from bad to worst!

I then figured out that she was staying in the hospital because,
as she put it, "It was like a vacation!"

Vacation... are you serious?

I'm in gut-ripping pain, had 2 IV's, series of blood work, tests, etc...
and she thinks this is VACATION?

She was ordering her meals, as if she was at a fine-dining restaurant.

Me, on the other hand, wasn't allowed to eat, in the event I would need surgery!

She then got the bright idea to call people from her yearbook and invite them to visit her!
(She is like 45 years old)

Who even KNOWS where their High School yearbooks are,
let alone - take them to the hospital with you?

If that wasn't bad enough - the people came!
She told other guests that she couldn't remember
if they guy that was coming went by Mike or Paul... WHAT!?!?!

So... while I'm having less than enjoyable proceedures done to rule out a bowel/colon obstruction... there are guys just hanging out (now in MY section of the curtain room) chattin' it up!

Then... in between the dozens of phone calls,
she calls her Mom to bring her a blanket because she's cold!

Um.... HELLO!  Last time I checked, hospitals have blankets!
I got cold, so I asked for some!

Just moments after I finally got to sleep at 1 o'clock,
here parades her mother through the room holding a
blue and purple fleece blankets with ponies on it!

The remote she had controlled both of our tvs
so she would put BOTH tvs on the dumbest shows...
and then CRANK the volume!

I could go on and on about the food-smacking,
loud farting (and then childishly laughing) annoying
ways of my roommate, but thankfully, I am now home,
resting in my own bed, with my own germs!


Justin and Lisa said...

I'm so glad to hear that you and itty bitty are home and doing better! If you need ANYTHING, please let me know. I am off on Tuesday and Friday and would love to be able to help, if needed!

PegramPack said...

I am glad to hear you are doing better but sheesh, what an experience!

Kanko's Wife said...

Try dealing with 8 of those at once for 13+ hours at a time for 2 days straight! And people wonder why I'm a little crazy... :(

Glad you are feeling better!