Pregnancy Q & A

You asked... so I'll answer!

(If you're reading this and thinking, oh my goodness,
I think I missed something... yah, you did - skip back and read this post first)

Okay... back to the juicy stuff!

How are you feeling?  Do you have morning sickness?
I'm feeling okay - no I don't have "morning sickness" but rather "all day sickness"
I continue to have problems with low blood sugar and haven't gotten the meds fine tuned yet,
so that often leaves me weak, dizzy, nauseous and tired...

But... I hate to vomit...so I'm THRILLED haven't been that kind of sick!

Insomnia won't leave me alone!  I am not getting very much sleep, and if I do,
I'm having crazy, pregnant-woman dreams!  Agggh, I miss my sleep!

If insomnia isn't keeping me awake, every 2 hour potty breaks are getting old as well!

Do you have any cravings/aversions?
It seems that I'm so nauseas that most foods don't sound good. 
At first, I wanted cherries and cashews and now I enjoy provolone cheese and Lucky Charms.

Macaroni and Cheese seems to make me sick almost every time
(Go figure - that's what Kensley was grown on)

My sense of smell has been heightened x 10; everything smells too strong.
The worst?  Dirty diapers - hits my gag reflex almost instantly!

What is your doctor saying about your weight?
Because I started out with a BMI of 16.1 - I'm "allowed" to gain 40 pounds.
We'll see - you may remember, after Kensley was born and I left the hospital,
I weighed MORE than when I was pregnant!
So, I'm noting eating for two as some take advantage of,
but I know that weight gain is impossible to avoid & want a healthy baby!

Are you going to find out the gender?
Yep - I love surprises, but I'm too big of a planner to wait until the last minute!

Do you have any names picked out?
Yes, we have just a few names selected; nothing definite though. 
*We're hard up for girl names... only have ONE on our list, so feel free offer suggestions*
REMEMBER: Rob is a HARD sale when it comes to names!
He says that Kensley is a perfect name - there won't be another name as cool...

Are you going to keep the baby's name a secret?
You bet... until our 1/2 Baked Baby Party around the first of May.
(that's when the gender will be revealed as well)

Since Kensley's crib was recalled, what are your plans there?
I have chosen a simple cherry crib that itty bitty's Nana is treating us to.
Do you have ideas for the nursery theme?
Yes - I know that I want to nursery to have orange included,
but I won't be doing a theme such as sports, cars, jungle etc.

So far, this is my favorite GIRL set!
I'm cheap... and picky... so I'm currently trying to price things out
to see if it would be cheaper to hire to have it made.

Many of us are wondering if you'll still travel to Washington State this summer?
As long as I am medically able, yes, I am going to attending my 10 year reunion
(looking like the Good Year Blimp, but I'll be there)

We all know that you are OBSESSED with Kensley's jogging stroller,
what are your plans there?
Although it was expensive, Kensley's stroller is one of my (and my parents) favorite baby items. 
We hope to purchase a double one, similar to our first one.

Since you're on light duty/bed rest and Rob has had to work overtime
due to the winter weather, what's Kensley been into?
I'm so glad you asked!

My parents have TOTALLY came to our rescue
and have helped in every way possible including babysitting! 
 Playing outside in the snow
Sledding with Mamaw
Playing Ring Around The Rosie
and of course... Kensley has been enjoying some cuddle time with Rob!

Has it really sunk in yet that you're going to be a Mama to two kiddos?
Honestly, no!
It has always been my mission to be a Mother,
but considering what we went through leading up to Kensley's pregnancy,
the idea of having a second child seemed too far fetch to ever wrap my mind around.
(Remember, I didn't have any expectations for Kensley's 1st Birthday,
simply because I never thought I'd ever get to plan an event as special as that)
I'm sure that as things progress, it will start to sink in...
but for now, I still see Kensley as being an only child!

Have more questions that I didn't answer?

Feel free to leave me a comment and I'll do another post in a few weeks!


Lateshia said...

So glad you answered all these questions!!! I am so excited for you. I need you to give me some limitations for a name list...I know no K's or C's...hard sounds...are you adverse to W first names since your last name is a W? I have to live vicariously through you guys! LOL!

PegramPack said...

Just know that that nausea is due to good things happening with your pregnancy. That's what the nurses always told me when I felt so terrible. Sickness is actually a sign of a healthy pregnancy! It will be so exciting to see you this summer!!! That was one of my questions I meant to ask!