Our Little ~ Picasso ~

A few weeks back, my friend Corey blogged about her son, Cannon, finger painting

Although it looked like a lot of fun, in my state of not feeling my normal self,
I wasn't really looking for such a messy activity, but I wanted Kensley to have some fun today.

We settled for painting... and Kensley didn't know what to do at first!
(so she sucked on the brushes and ate paint)

Check out Kensley & Daddy's masterpieces

P.S. Any "craft" with a toddler will turn messy - just plan on it.


Lateshia said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! I bet she had a blast!!

Ina said...

Does she do bathrooms?? I could use a good painter around here :)
Looks like she had fun. I have tried everything but paint with Nathan. He is a little more destructive than Kensley so we may put it off for awhile longer :p