I'm a firm believer of the phrase, never wake a sleeping baby, and since Kensley's new clothes are in her room, and she's already down for the night... you'll have to wait until tomorow to see our purchases!

Listen up blog stalkers!

Big things are happening around our house today!

(No, not ANOTHER pregnancy announcement - but still it's pretty big news)

My sister-in-law, yes, the one that introduced me to Gymboree
and I are meeting up to do some spring shopping for the kiddos!

Yes - this could be VERY dangerous... and we may need an intervention.

I tried to call Rob to see what my "budget" is...
he's working on the flip house, and left his phone here.

You know what that means?

I get to make the executive decisions today!

Be sure to check back soon for pictures of my purchases.

If you can't take the suspense, check out
Gymboree's A Pop Of  Daisy Collection
and that will give you some clues!

I'm excited to get out of the house - Kensley and I both have cabin fever,
and if nothing else, it will be nice to stroll around the mall with Kensley
in the jogging stroller for a change of scenery!
P.S. If my next blog post is about eating ketchup and saltines,
you'll know I over spent!  Ha Ha

Oh, Lisa... what have you started?

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PegramPack said...

I was there yesterday and got some cute stuff!!!! Man I love that store!