I only take Kensley to the doctor when...

It's pouring down the rain

I have no cash on hand

I haven't showered in days

and... she's sick!

After surviving a very fussy weekend (that we chalked it up to being cabin fever) when Kensley came into our room on Monday morning, I realized she's wasn't just being whiney... she was sick.
I did a quick weather check, yes, it was raining... and since I gave the last of my cash to Rob when he went out with the guys this past weekend, it meant I didn't have money for parking.
I glanced in the mirror; yep - greasy hair - GREAT!

After an hour drive, pleading with Kensley to please STOP LICKING THE FISH TANK {that every other sick kid felt compelled to touch} and lots of hand sanitizer, I learned that Kensley did not have Strep throat, but had a virus instead.

The doctor advised us that there wasn't any medicine to help her; it just had to run its coarse.

The past few days have been filled with fevers, pleading to eat and/or drink, whining, crying and lots of cuddles... and we finally think she's on the road to recovery.
How am I? Glad you asked!

I feel like I've been hit by a Mac Truck.

Since I have a heart condition, most cold medicines are prohibited. Now that we're pregnant again, even those "safe" drugs are out the window. When Kensley was really sick, I was more than content just to sit and snuggle her in the recliner. Now that she's better - she has way too much cooped up energy and is bouncing off the walls.

At least I know there's an end in sight... Kensley's virus lasted 4 days... so I'm thinking I have 3 more to go... that still seems like a long ways out!

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