Gymboree Shopping Spree

Here's what I know you've all been waiting for... pictures of my purchases!
 Daisy Dot Collection
  Tulip Collection
(Take a close look at those socks - only paid $0.31 - my kind of a deal!)
 Goldfish leggings (got the shirt with our last Gymbucks) 
 Our FIRST purchase for itty bitty {besides a few cases of diapers}

I NEED to get a picture like this one!

It's pushing my photography skills to their limits... but a girl can dream, right? 
 Floral A-Line from Children Place
Since they sold the SAME shirt in my size, I had to rationalize things and not buy it for myself!
I know my baby bump will continue to grow, and soon it won't be long enough,
but seriouslly, how often do you find clothes to fit you and your toddler?
 Carters deals from Macys
(I have to return the white shirt; bought 12 months, what was I thinking?)
The color is a bit off, they actually aren't quite so blinding, but...
 ... it's the best that I could do when my assistant kept doing tricks like this! 
 Before we left, this is what I found in Kensley's room.

She dumped out her entire hair pretty collection!
I thought, "Oh no, how is this shopping trip going to go down?"
Nope!  Kensley was a good little shopper;
despite all that I was buying her, she wanted the matching purse.

I didn't let her get it - sure it was only $8,
but I saw it as money for another shirt I actually knew she would wear.

 She also liked these sunglasses, but we passed on those as well!
 The little critters at the Gap were a temptation... so I let her out of her stroller.
(Mom always worries about blood clots from kids sitting for so long,
so we killed 2 birds with 1 stone and let her run off some energy)
 She liked the dog, but the duck was her favorite.
 She kept taking the little animals to Maddox and putting them in his car seat! 
He sure is one happy baby!

I had a wonderful time shopping with Lisa!

Sure a little retail therapy never seems to hurt, but I was pleased that I stuck to my list,
and only went $6 over budget, so fear not,
we wont' have to eat saltines with ketchup for the next 2 weeks!


PegramPack said...

Such cute purchases CaS! Way to go!

Justin and Lisa said...

I so enjoyed getting out of the house, virtually kidless (for me)...hope we do it again in the near future! And the 2 kids that we did have, where FANTASTIC!! Love the clothes you picked out! You can't beat Gymboree and their quality!

Lateshia said...

YEAH! Everything is adorable! I need you to be my personal shopper for Adri...I will just send you money! LOL!