Colossal Volume = Colossal Mess

If the title hasn't already given it away, here's a clue!
Can't figure out what's in Kensley's hand?
Take a closer look!


Kensley was in our bathroom with me while I was drying my hair.
I gave her a plastic cup off of the counter to play with.

I turned around... and she shut the door.


I opened the door and can you imagine my reaction when I saw this?
She was crying because I told her,
"I have to take your picture to show Daddy what you did".
She was heartbroke; good enough punishment for me!
{ Her hands were totally covered }
I didn't even know where to start cleaning...
it was on the walls, the bathroom door, the trim,
... and our brand new white carpet!

After the disaster was resolved, we met up with Mamaw and went shopping!
Any one recognize these?

Old Navy has giant bouncy ball machines in their stores!
Mamaw and Kensley putting the money in
Turning the knob
Surprise!  A pink bouncy ball just for Kensley!
Needless to say, she was very excited...
... and had had fun chasing it around the store!
She's so clever, she even put it back in the little door.

Next, we went to a very special party, for a very special little girl!
{ Camdyn Grace }
Our long-time family friend Angie Staats does foster care and
recently was able to adopt this precious little gem...
who surprisingly looks just like her Mommy!
Checkin' out her cake...
and taking just a nibble
Kensley and Anna had fun playing with the balloons
Kensley had a hard time sharing Camdyn's teddy bear
Angie had delicious food for everyone
Kensley's favoirte were the strawberries!
 The Adoption Party actually fell on Camdyn's 3rd Birthday
so she enjoyed opening presents. 
See Camdyn's little friend to the right?
Her name is Aria... know what that means?
We're back to square one on our list of girls names...
Aria is one we liked, but now there's already one in our area!


Eliott, Kayla and Lucas said...

Lucas hasn't done anything like that yet, thank God. But he does drag out all my spoons in the kitchen. I can't tell you how many times we have to wash them a week. He even chases skylar through the house with them lol.

Lateshia said...

HOLY HANNAH ABOUT THE MASCARA! Oh my gosh! Jaxson has done permanent black marker like that to the wall and himself...lol. Good grief! and lucky girls to get to go to Old Navy! I need to move by you!!!! Adri and I need some shopping partners!

PegramPack said...

Ahh! What a mess! How did you get it off her? What a lil stinker she is. You always know there's trouble brewing when things are a little too quiet huh?!