18 Month Accomplishments

Kensley's personality is really starting to blossom and Rob and I
have enjoyed pointing out which traits she has inherited from each of us.

I, of course, gave her the love of mornings, soft kisses, and a flirty grin. 
Rob gave her too much energy, fearless sense of reality, and love for technology.

This month...

Our little electrician has learned how to turn on/off lights...
oh, how I wonder how high our power bill will be this month!

She can clap (not necessarily on cue) but randomly does it and
looks around to see if everyone cheering for her; it's cute!

She frequently points at pictures but has a hard time understanding
that the baby in those pictures are actually her! 

She has grown much more agile while climbing...
and will climb...and jump off of just about anything!
(Her favorite is jumping into Rob's arms off the recliner)

She continues to chews on pretty much everything, and puts everything
in her mouth - she still gets called "puppy" for obvious reasons!

She still gets a binkie at night, in her bed and has yet to learn that
she can go into her room, crawl into bed and get them by herself :)

Bath time is back!  Her love for water has returned!  I don't know if it ever
really left, but after ear surgery, we were a little leery of letting her "play". 
Both tubes are still in place and are working well; if she gets water in her ears,
it promply drains and no infection forms!

She has a new fascination with stickers, but so far she hasn't ruined anything
with the sticky residue. {Knock on wood}  She isn't picky what's on the stickers,
so we welcome free misspelled address labels around our house!

This past year and half has been a whirlwind... faced with many medical and developemental challenges,  I can't imagine what our lives would be like without our quiet little sas-pot!

Weight: 24 pounds
Height: 33 1/2 inches

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