Will She Be A Little Gamer?

Rob received a PS3 for Christmas last year... a year later...
I have NEVER turned the thing on, nor do I even know how to.

Rob doesn't play it while Kensley is awake
(he waits her for to go to sleep or waits for my Mom and Dad to babysit)
so come to think of it, she's never even saw the PS3 in action!

Yesterday, Rob had some of his buddies over to play video games
and Kensley wanted to try it once before going to bed!
She would just laugh and squeal as she'd make the motorcycle wreck and pause the other players. Tristan (her latest crush who is in his mid 20's) was a great sport and let her "play" until Mama decided that it was Daddy's turn for some fun, and put her to bed!

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