Temptation Got The Best Of Me!

We may not have the biggest house in the neighborhood, drive the newest cars, eat at the most trendy restaurants, get pampered at high-end salons, take extravagant vacations, or wear designer clothes,
but Rob and I constantly remind each other that we are rich with love!

Yes, I'm one of those annoying people who has 3 separate orders in the grocery checkout line, so that I can use all my coupons, and the type that doesn't mind to go through the drive through and place my order, to then go inside and place an additional order for a another discount...
yep... I'm one of those people.

But... our frugal ways is what allows me to stay at home with Kensley
and afford a few extras here and there so I'm not complaining.

I've been anxiously waiting to use my Gymbucks all week
and have placed numerous items on my "wish list".

After spending way too much time this morning choosing items that would best use my Gymbucks,
I was a little disappointed in my so-so order. 

As a last resort, I thought I'd check the little girls department, just in case.

These 2 words changed my entire purchasing plan...


I clicked on the link and it brought up temptations that I always thought that I could out reason...

... that was... until today!

This is FIRST time that I've ever purchased anything from Gymboree
that was FULL PRICE... and from their NEWEST LINE available. 

(Let me clarify, I had $50 Gymbucks, so technically it was like they were 1/2 off,
but typically, I shop only from the clearance section, thus stretching my money even further)

Feat your eyes upon these adorable LITTLE GOLDFISH clothes!

Once I saw these precious little outfits, I just couldn't purchase the items in my shopping cart that may work out for next winter... that didn't even look like the type of clothes I typically dress Kensley in...
but were on clearance, so I guessed they could do!

Nope, I am here to admit that I purchased, not one, but BOTH of these items!

Although I like having a girl, and dressing her like a little girly-girl...
love to dress her in atypical colors... just as blue...
and my favorite color is orange... so this line must have been made for me!

Now, before you think that I am in need of an intervention,
and feel compelled to call Rob at work and report my irrational spending,
I have not forgotten the modest income that supports us
and I chose to purchase the remaining itmes from the clearance department!
Did I mention that my favorite color is ORANGE?


Ina said...

Too cute!! Can I call dibs on hand-me-downs??

Justin and Lisa said...

somewhere in our mountain of clothing is more goldfish stuff from a couple years back...just thought I'd mention that incase you'd like the handme downs!

Lateshia said...


Lateshia said...

I need to get some of those for Adri!