She'll Always Be... DADDY'S GIRL!

From the time I was about 6 months pregnant,
Kensley responded to Rob's voice.

Little did I know then, just how much of a Daddy's Girl she would be!

When Kensley was about 6 months old, we started to notice a pattern
in her behavior around 3 o'clock.  If Dad and I would go shopping, we could pretty much
count on a mild melt-down at the time she was used to Rob coming home.

Things haven't changed...
Kensley's favorite time of the day is still when Rob comes home from work!

Look at this sweet picture... it's one I will treasure forever!
She is so tickeled just to be in her Daddy's arms.

As you can see, Rob always acts silly with her.

If you are a Kindergarden teacher reading this,
I have pitty on you if you have Kensley in your class.
Her fun upbringing is going to make her the class clown!

Back off girls... he's all MINE!
100% pure cross-eyed geek :)

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