After a long Christmas break, I began watching Scott & Shawna's son Nevan again today.

After Nevan's arrival, I sat him in our bouncy seat and began to unpack his supplies.

I listened... but heard nothing.  (This typically means that Kensley is in trouble.)

Imagine to my surprise what I saw...


(She hasn't been "kissing" any of us, so where this came from, I don't know)

Look at this cute little face; he apparently didn't seem to mind all of the kisses!


Ina said...

How cute is that!! I bet she thinks he is one of her baby dolls :) He is adorable! I love all that hair.

Anonymous said...

that'll be a picture for their engagment card :o)

CaSandra said...

Well, Maci, I never thought of it, but... you might just be right!

She will probably want to KILL me for dressing her in Rainbow Bright jammies when she's 20 something!

Eliott, Kayla and Lucas said...

Omy gosh that is too cute. And I love her jammies. Maybe him and Lucas will be fighiting over her one of these days lol