Christmas at Nana's

It would only be fair if I posted pictures from Nana's Christmas dinner,
but truth be told, we were all so excited to have spaghetti
(something different than ham or turkey)
that we all drove right in and devoured it before a snapshot was taken.

But... you know me... I took a picture of the salad I made!

For Christmas, Kensley got a new doll house...

... and all the accessories for the entire house!

As to be expected, when Kensley saw Cambreigh's game,
she darted across the room after it!
Isn't this sock monkey the cutest little Jack-in-the-Box ever?
Maddox enjoyed his personalized blankie...
... and some wrapping paper!
Rob got a Little Giant Ladder so hopefully there won't be a need to
climb up in the backhoe bucket to get on the house roof again!

(No, we don't have a backhoe just sitting in our back yard!
It was here because they were putting us in a new driveway,
& since Rob didn't have a tall ladder, he used what resources he had available)

As always, Kensley begged for popcorn!
The girls used Nana's new Kitchenaid mixer
to make Lisa's famous Heath cheese cake!
Good thing that Rob is strong, because Kensley got her very own mini recliner.
(The older kids enjoyed playing in the box)

As always, Nana was generous, it was completely chaotic, and memories were made!

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