Thrash Bash Of The E-MAXX

Rob got a new toy this week; a TRAXXAS E-MAXX...
16.8 volts of raw electric power!

Don't let the idea of a remote control truck fool you,
this little thing can scoot up to 30 miles an hour!

After the initial trial-run period in the yard, we ate lunch while the batteries recharged
and took off to the City's Skate Park that Rob helped build.

This is new type of photography for me so bare with me as a learn
how to get pictures of something that is so speedy and so little.

I didn't stay behind the camera the whole time...
I showed Rob how it should REALLY be driven!  Ha Ha

Kensley fell asleep in the truck, which worked out perfectlly. 
She needed a nap and we enjoyed a "date" at Dairy Queen afterwards!

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Anonymous said...

Kensley looks like a little angel!