You Know You're Busy When...

... you open your cabinets and they look like this... bare!
So, as I stood in front of my {almost} empty cabinets, I noticed the glorious stack of paper plates!
Next, still trying to come up with a dinner idea that did NOT involve doing dishes, I opened the silverware drawer... hmmm... if it can't be ate with a butter knife, or baby spoon, it's probably out of the question!


(A microwavable Hot Pocket; those things aren't half bad when you're starving, or too lazy to do dishes)
Awwh, MUCH BETTER! I finally got the dishwasher unloaded this morning and a splash of color was restored to our cabinets!
Don't you agree that cereal that is ate out of these bowls just has to taste cheery first thing in the morning?
And cake batter ice cream couldn't look more appetizing in these trendy bowls?
Eat your heart our ladies... these dishes are pure bliss!

If you are not familiar with these virtually unbreakable pieces, check out Homer Laughlin's website!

I'm planning a trip to the outlet in June (tentatively) if any of you blog stalkers, I mean, friends, would like to join me!
P.S. Anyone want to guess what I'm making for lunch today?

Yep - another Hot Pocket - at least my kitchen will be clean for 3 hrs this way!


Justin and Lisa said...

I would love to join you! I would love to add to my fiesta collection!

Lateshia said...

Love the dishes! So...indulge me. Which bowls do you like the best? Do you have the plates as well? I am on the site right now picking and choosing. I NEED!!! lol