Have you been wondering
WHERE we have been and WHAT
we have been doing?

Here's a quick re-cap of the last few weeks.
Kensley has enjoyed getting to play outside in the unseasonably warm weather with Daddy.
We celebrated "Christmas in November" After all, we celebrated "Christmas in October" so why not?
Kensley got the "Your Baby Can Read" series. We're not necessarily interested in her READING as much as we are her SPEAKING!

The videos are rather entertaining and quite frankly, they aren't annoying from a parent's perspective.
Kensley got to ride on the lawn mowers at Lowes
(This is probably what she thinks Disney will be like)
Mama got new Birkenstocks, thanks to Nana!
*No, I don't wear my pants this high-water, I merely pulled them up so you could better see my cute little feet*
Daddy has continued to show Kensley how to color, but she still doesn't show much interest.
Kensley has learned what stickers are and likes to stick them on everything... including herself!
Kensley has been less than cooperative
helping me get a good Christmas picture.
She is obsessed with toting her babies
around in a (new) trash can.
Kensley was fascinated by Grandma and
Pop Pop's "chrome" tree...
... and how quickly she could squish the glass bulbs.
Rob got a new TOXIC tattoo...
... sort of!

It washed off the next day!
We took advantage of Diary Queen's 99 cent
Peanut Buster Parfaits
Again, Kensley wasn't that interested in the ice cream, but rather collecting chunks of mulch from the flower beds.
Mom hosted her annual Baking Day
and I enjoyed catching up with Talia.
We made lots of yummy goodies that I intended to put back and freeze, but most have already been eaten.
While we baked, Dad took up Kyle in his plane
and gave him a mini-tour of the area.
I've started watching our friends, Scott & Shawna's son. Kensley was rather protective of him at first... holding onto the pack & play while she would watch Tinker Bell.
Happy 7 week old Birthday Nevan!
Kensley's new favorite place to play is her bathroom! *Luckily, we don't "use" this room often, so it stays virtually clean. As for the toys in the trash; rest assured it's a new trash can that has only ever housed her babies!
And now... on Rob's Birthday... I'm home sick with a pale and pitiful little girl who I got her to eat a popsicle for breakfast. (Yes, there does come to a point where I'd let her eat almost ANYTHING, just to get her to eat SOMETHING!)

I haven't seen her this sick except for when she had RSV; its such a helpless feeling to see her looking so sad!

So, looking back, maybe the better question would have been where have we NOT been, and what have we NOT been doing?

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