¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤ø,„ * SNOW * ¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤ø,„

I finally got to sleep last night about 11:45, and then was wide awake by 3:30
upset over an eBay auction that I was outbid on by a whopping $0.50!

By 4:00 Kensley was awake... as in wide-awake and ready to play!
Rob got the call for snow removal at 5:00 so needless to say; I started my day running on empty.

It snowed here in Fairplain 5 inches last night (yes, this is "blogworthy" since it really only snows one time worth mentioning a year) and so this morning I began to bundle Kensley up to take her outside to play... you know... that's what good Mom's do, right?
My Mom picked Kensley up a snowsuit this summer (and I'm SO thankful that she didn't pay full price for the cute, fluffy thing because I have a feeling that we will NOT be getting our
money's worth out of it this year)

As I struggled to shove Kensley into the giant ball of fluff, she was more interested in reading her books than getting dressed... should have been clue #1!

After attempting to get her gum boots on for over a period of time lasting longer than 5 minutes, I gave up, decided maybe they didn't fit, went and got her new boots that she was supposed to get for Christmas, and tried to put that pair on, for over a period of time lasting longer than 5 minutes...
should have been clue #2!

Needless to say, I was already telling her,
"You're going outside and you're going to like it"
before I ever managed to get her out the door!

Was all of the stress worth it? Nope!

Kensley hated the snow!

The entire 3.4 seconds that we were outside!

{ I gave up and took her inside because I was fearful that her
ear-piercing scream was going to wake up the neighbors }
I guess Kensley is more like me than I thought!
She needs her beauty rest, she doesn't like to be wet... or cold!

I miss the weekends when we used to get snowed-in as a family, make a big breakfast and enjoy the crisp white scenery together, but as long as Rob works for the City of Ripley, the town relies on him to plow the roadways... so I dont see those special mornings happening again anytime soon!

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Corey said...

oh poor kensley! she hated it! cannon was kind of indifferent.. just stood there... we were out for like 5 minutes total.
I feel you on 4am... last night was the 3rd in a row of 4am fevers for us... praying for a full night tonight or mama's gonna go nuts.