New Days of the Week Theme Coming Soon!

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to blog... in a different way!

I'll admit; I'm a blog stalker... you know... one of those people that devotes time (and in some cases my emotions) to complete strangers blogs... and feel as if I've known them for years!
Yep, I'm one of those people!

But... as a benefit of my nosiness, I've learned that some bloggers have a certain themes for different days of the week.

In an attempt to not feel so pressured to have to upload a picture with every post,
this is a new idea I'm willing to try.
Let's take our not-so-proud moments and spin them around in a delightful therapy session, shall we? This kind of therapy is free, funny, and oh so refreshing. Being brutally honest, and living to tell about it.
Did your little cutie say the most innocent or adorable thing?
Here's your chance to claim your bragging rights!
*In our case, I hope to share stories of Kensley learning to sign*
Have no fear... there will STILL be photos added to my blog.
This is probably going to be my most challenging day... you post a photo, but don't leave a caption.
(Yes, I'm a big-time talker, so this one is going to be hard, I can already tell)
It seems at Thanksgiving time, everyone makes it a point to say what they are thankful for...
but why wait until November?
This will give you a chance to pick the top 50+ things you are thankful for this year!
Take a walk down memory lane!
Have any old photos/stories worth posting about?

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