Natalie's Baby Shower

Since Nathan, Natalie & Keilan were able to come in for Christmas this year,
we were thrilled to be able to give them a small, family baby shower!
I made these Red Velvet Cake Balls especially for Natalie!
Although they seemed to take a long time to create,
the consensus by most, is that they were worth it!

(Check out this recipe and other adorable little treats from Bakerella)

No, this is not the greatest picture (I do not claim to be a "food" photographer,
nor do I long to be) but as I was completing the last minute shower details,
Kensley walked over to the counter where the duck was lying and said "duck".

Plain as day... she said duck!

Ms. Kathy (her speech pathologist) and Ms. Jeni (her sign language teacher)
BOTH worked on the word "duck" this week,
so it was magical for Rob and I to hear her SAY it!

** Next week, I'm going to try and choose a more useful word
to work on in hopes that she'll catch on as quickly again **

Big Sister Keilan & Natalie
Natalie won the Baby Scramble game
Gift from Isla's "Miss WV Auntie" Talia
Yes, I chose to go the practical route;
all the things that aren't fun to buy, but greatly appreciated!
Although it took Kensley a little while to warm up to Keilan,
as always, they had fun goofing off together!
I love to hear the girls play because Keilan can always make Kensley laugh!
Overall, I think the shower turned out nice. I am a little dissapointed at the turnout, but throwing the shower so close to Christmas, I knew that some people wouldn't be able to attend!

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Jeannie said...

Cas, the shower pics are great-looks like you did a wonderful job. Natalie is so lucky to have you guys as her second family. Jeannie