Kensley's *First* Christmas Morning

Last Christmas, I had pnemonia, and Kensley wasn't able to be here for her FIRST Christmas, so I was looking forward to this year as we started our own traditions!
This year Santa was either on a diet, or had already eaten too many cookies by the time he made it to our house. He took a bite of an oatmeal scotchie and just a sip of milk.
(No, he didn't even touch the potato chip cookies that Mama blogged about)
Kensley must have been a good little girl because Santa left gifts under the tree!
Kensley, I think Santa intended that for your new doll, not you!
She cracked me up!
She would rather "read" the coloring book than color in them :)
Daddy must have been a good boy this year as well!
He got a new circular saw...
... and a new reciprocating saw.
A happy time was had by all!

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