For Rob's 28th birthday celebration, Mom and Dad treated us to dinner at the local Chinese resturant. After dinner, we came back home for a little cake and present time!
Rob's little sister baked him a cake.
*I think H.B. means "Happy Birthday"*
Before the smoke could even clear,
Kensley was ready to open gifts!
Like I said...
she was READY to see what was inside those packages!
Just a suggestion, but the chapstick that you're holding my dear Kensley, may feel a little better on your lips than the auto detail brush... but again... just a suggestion!
"My" favorite Birthday gift of Rob's... we are so dang rough on toaster-ovens it isn't even funny!

Did you notice anything super special about this post?

Go on, scroll back up to the top... and re-read it.

Still didn't see anything that is worthy of mentioning?

How about did you read Kensley's adorable little shirt?

That's right folks... Baby Gap has stolen my "slogan"!

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Lateshia said...

Oh my gosh! How cute about the shirt! Glad he had a great bday!