Christmas Dinner at Tom & Teresa's House

Tom and Teresa always treat us to a scrumpious dinner every year on Christmas Day!
Tom grills the most tender steaks (even though I'm not really a meat eater,
I rave about them and look forward to them, and always say I could eat 2 more!)
This year, Kensley fell asleep just moments before arriving at their house,
so we were able to carry her inside while keeping her asleep,
turn on the sound machine, and enjoy a nice warm meal, for a change!
Teresa always has the best entertaining decorations!
Check out these super cool beverage dispensers.
(Yes, that is fresh lemonade... YUM!)Feast your eyes upon this; my plate!

Yes... you read that right... MY plate... and yes... I ate every last bite! Rob said that his steak was the best steak that he's ever eaten...
and I'd have to agree!
Even Keilan wanted her picture taken with her tasty treats!
After Little Miss Mullet, I mean, Kensley woke up,
Santa came and brought more gifts.
{ I just think it's adorable to watch my book-loving baby
turn the pages with her dainty little hands }
Santa must know Kensley pretty well, he brought her a Hello Kitty electronic tooth brush.

We got the Grill Masters Bible and it is FANTASTIC!
We passed it around and everyone enjoyed glancing through it;
I can't wait to try some new recipes!
With all the new toys to play with,
Kensley apparently thought toilet paper looked the most entertaining!
Yep, just a good ole' fashioned family portrait to hang on their wall
to remind Nathan & Natalie of their last West Virginia Christmas!

Overall, our Christmas was a huge success! More than anything, Rob and I wanted Kensley to get over her fear/anxiety of strangers... and take a nap so she wasn't hateful... so that we could enjoy the holiday with family and friends... and we got both!

I couldn't have asked for a better well-behaved little girl.
She sure did make us proud this Christmas!

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Eliott, Kayla and Lucas said...

Just wondering. Is Nathan your brother? I wasnt sure if he was or not?