The Celebration Continues

After everyone leaves Grandma and Papaw's house,
our immediate family visits my Mom and Dad's house.

The best seat in the house?
In front of the fire place of course!

And since we seem to have a not so cool tradition of gift cards getting lost,
and more often thrown out, Keilan got to open her gift first,
so that she could put her money away before the chaos began.

Think Kensley can tell by the shape of the package that it is a movie?
She seemed to get her second wind after seeing she got the movie UP,
or the sugar from the fruit snacks finally kicked in!
Kensley just giggled and laughed...
sure was a magical sound to hear on Christmas!
I think Dad was pretty excited over the new Paula Dean pots and pan set!
If I had to guess, aside from nail polish,
I would guess these gold glitter All*Star shoes
to be Keilan's favorite gift of the night!
As for the PS3, I don't know if Nate is more excited... or Rob.
Now Rob has another on-line gaming buddy!
And lastly, it wouldn't be Christmas if Mom didn't get knee-high socks.
Thank goodness, Dad remembered!

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