"Pet 'Nake" vs. Tooth Brushes?

Growing up, my parents bought me cute little dolls to play with, but somehow I grew attached to "Pet 'Nake"

A small, plastic snake... nothing special... probably one of Nathan's toys, truth be told, but I liked it.

Recently, Kensley has grown attached to something (nope, not her slippers, although that would have been a good guess) TOOTH BRUSHES!
Want to know what's even more special
about this precious little girl?

She's sleeping, but not because she's in pain.

She's sleeping becuase she's been playing non-stop!

When Kensley was younger, she slept when she was in pain. We didnt' know what she was allergic to, but we knew that sleep was her outlet for her tummy discomfort.

Today is a SPECIAL DAY in our house as we celebrate the completion of week#1 on NORMAL Vitamin D milk!

That's right - no more organic - no more Lacto free... just plain and simple, buy at any store, NORAML milk!

What a blessing it is to have a child who has so quickly
outgrown her rare food allergies...
and now enjoys "treats" like everyone else!

God is our Mighty Physician and once again He has completed another documented miracle in our lives!

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Corey said...

wonderful news about the milk! love that she's sleeping with toothbrushes! and love the new look on the blog! :)