Living The Dream...

This morning, as I looked at the slender windows that frame our front door, I had a reality check.

I noticed Kensley's favorite toys jammed into the widow casing, finger prints cluttering the (freshly cleaned) windows and smudges all over the floor

... and it hit me...

I am Living the Dream!
In the blink of an eye, Kensley will grow up, become too large to fit into her custom "window seat" to watch the cats and squeal with excitement, if they happen to look her way.
Instead of looking at the floor and seeing it littered with toys that I must (once again) pick up before I trip over and about break my neck (again), I saw something different. Instead of yelling at her to stop pulling the rug accorss the new floor before she scratches it, I saw Kensley's creative imagination blossoming as she took her "friends" on a magic carpet ride through the house.
Instead of cringing at the idea of taking tons of photos in a
hand-me-down sleeper, I saw the blessing that it is to still have her in her jammies at noon, because it meant that I didn't have to get her up early, drop her off at Day Care, or rush out the door to another doctor appointment.
Instead of questioning "where she was at, and what she was into" I saw the sweet moment shared between her and her "friends" as she softly jibber-jabbered to them about her day.

It sounded so sweet, a sound that words can't even describe.

But I don't need the sound described to me.

I am here... with her...

... and I'm not missing out on anything! Instead of scolding her for pulling the comforter off of the
guest bed (again), I saw the innocence of a child,
playing Hide-and-Seek for the first time!

Living the Dream doesn't have to be defined by the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the house you live in or your salary at work... Living the Dream merely means having a peace about your life; however you choose to measure your successes.

So... what does Living the Dream look like in YOUR life?

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Lateshia said...

LOVE IT!!! So danggone true too!!!