Isn't This Peaceful?

Think Kensley looks peaceful?
Well, let me let you in on a little secret...

Kensley's sleeping habits are becoming more challenging with each passing day.

I am spending 4+ hours day "helping" her to go sleep... and she only takes 1 nap! *Now, you may know why; it's simply too much work*

In the heat of the moment, I often think to myself, wonder if I could fast forward until she was three?

No, I don't really mean it... I know that I would look back and regret all of her firsts that I would have missed, but after days like today... 3 seems mighty tempting...
even with a sassy mouth!

It all went to pot in the month of July!
Let's recap...

* She turned 1
* She became attached to me
* Her crib was recalled
* She was suffering from another round of ear infections
* We bought a new house
* She got a new bed
* She hated the new house AND the new bed

Yep, that pretty much sums it up!

I knew that I would regret not purchasing her another crib, to keep her contained, but seeing how she could climb out of it, it seemed fitting to trasition her into a twin bed.

FYI: If we have another child, they will remain in a crib until Middle School - okay - that seems a bit harsh... at least until Kingergarden! Ha Ha

At 4 weeks old, Kensley slept in her crib, in her room... with no problems. We did the "cry it out" method and it worked like a charm, only whimpering for a few moments and then she would be in dream land.

Now... at 16 months... the whimpering sounds more like a death cry and instead of lasting a few moments, it could last for a few hours (but after she gets too worked up, she throws up... and I go in for "clean up duty)

I've tried just about everything!

* Yes, she has a routine that we follow
* Yes, I purchased her a fan for white noise
* Yes, I bought her a night light
*Yes, she has a full belly with comfty jammies


At some point, it became easier to lay down with her while she pulled, um, I mean twirled my hair, but even that can take upwards of an hour!

I've tried putting her down when she's somewhat tired... I've tried putting her down after sheer exhaution has hit... the result is the same... lay there for an hour as she tosses, flops and whines.

So... what if I just get up, and try to sneak away?
PANIC sets in and now she's more awake than she was before...

Rob seems more patient...
"Just lay with her for a little bit" he says.

Right... key words... HE SAYS.

He is at work durning naptime and usually busy at bedtime... and is sleeping when she wakes up in the middle of the night, and since she has yet to learn how to comfort herself back to sleep.. it's me in her room... again... trying to get her to go to sleep!

I SERIOUSLLY don't see her "lack of willingness" as a medical condition, she will go to sleep at my parents house, seemingly without a fight, and sleep through the night!

So... the point of this post?

I'm making the rules this week!

My new theory?

Remain to give her the 5 min. warning that bedtime is approaching. Take her into her room (with all of her babies in tow) and lay down. When she gets out of bed, I will tell her again "It's time to go to bed" When she chooses not to come and get back in bed - I WALK OUT!

(Screaming or not)

After 5 mins, I'll go back in and try to lay down with her again!
I just tried it and I'll have you know... she is asleep... with a tear stained face... but she is asleep!

Anyone have any other helpful suggestions that we can try?

I will NOT let a 16 month rule my house,
but it sure seems like she's trying!


Justin and Lisa said...

What 3 year old do you know who has a sassy mouth?????LOL

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog! You could seriously be a writer! My only advice is MAKE SURE YOU WIN THE BATTLE. As you know, I am still in battle mode with a "sometimes 12-year-old," but key is that what you say goes, no matter how loud the screaming or how long it lasts. She WILL grow out of it. Thank the Lord my kids were sleepers - I might have had to eliminate one of them.....

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry, that was me, Teresa.

Dana Kangas said...

Aaron and I read the "No-Cry Sleep Solution" when Naomi was born. We have implemented everything in that book. Naomi sleeps 12 hours at night and takes one 3 hour nap in the afternoon without a bottle or crying. She is 11 months old now...I don't know if things will change in the future, but so far it has been working since we brought her home. So, I just contribute it to the book for now...we will see how other kids do in the future.