This sad little Indian face pretty much sums up how Kensley felt about Halloween!
Still crying...
Walking up to Mamaw & Papaw's house
I don't know if she was more excited to see Mamaw
or the "pretties" in the bowl.
This was my favorite picture of the night!

Sure, it's not your typical pose by the pumpkin with mums in the back ground type of shot - but it's just our family!

Yes, that is the paparazzi, I mean Papaw, ready to get some action shots as well!
Kensley quickly found what she wanted... candy bracelets!!!
Good thing we weren't at a stranger’s house, because she was so excited to get a bracelet, she bolted inside!
Seeing what all treats she got in her goody bag
Oh My! The candy bowl!
... and she found even MORE candy bracelets!
Tell me that the caption for this picture shouldn't be

"Caught red handed with her arm in the candy bowl"
Pony ride with Mamaw
Still has her bracelet clinched in her hand
Hmmm... it's out of the package... now what!?!
This is the face babies make when you take their
first piece of candy away from them!
Next, we headed across the farm to
Grandmother and Granddaddy's house
Grandmother heard that Kensley liked popcorn, so she had that along with some crackers and MONEY for her piggy bank!

(Who handed out money when WE were little kids?)

In case you are wondering, the evening ended just the same as it started... with TEARS!!!

Maybe next year she'll be more into it, but if she's anything like her Daddy, we have quite a few years until she'll enjoy this scary, yet fun, holiday!


Justin and Lisa said...

Love the photos! Even the crying ones...they tend to be the ones I laugh at most:) (I get it from my mom)

Stephanie said...

Aw she looks adorable CaS! I hope you all had fun!

Lateshia said...

She;s a doll...even sad!