Don't Mess With Mama Kitty!

The past few days, Kensley has become EXTREAMLY protective of her little "babies". I tried to sneak them away to put them into the washer and it was failed attempt... again!

As soon as she realized that I was taking them
(I thought I was being sly by just taking a few at a time)
she would run, scold me with her oh, so adorable jibber-jabber, and HIDE THEM just like a Mama Kitty!

This morning, Rob and I were busy measuring for some projects that he's working on, when the house seemed too quiet and we typically know what that means... T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

I walked into the living room and
this is exactly how I found Kensley!
Somehow she even managed to get the foot rest up on Rob's recliner... guess she doesn't like it when we touch her "babies" so she piled them all up with her, so we'd leave them alone!

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Justin and Lisa said...

This is too cute! Miss Kensley is a Mama Bear!