Awkward Family Photos at Nana's!

Nana had a special meal planned for Rob -
beans, cornbread, fried potatoes and pumpkin pie!

While trying to get a picture of him, I was informed to quit taking his picture... and to LET HIM EAT!!!
(Oh, the things you do for the blog world) Of course, Kensley would rather have Popcorn! Nana said if she said "popcorn" she'd make it for her! It didn't take long for the older 2 kids to quickly start to try and teach Kensley what to say (although it didn't work... Nana gave in and made the kids' favorite snack)

Jumping up and down! Nana always lets Kensley get a handful out of the machine first Then, she proceeded to dump in over her head
and made a mess EVERYWHERE! Rob and his little buddy Maddox

After popcorn, I thought it would be a cute idea to get some pictures taken with all the cousins dressed up in their costumes. Woody (Gavin) and Rob had their camera's ready! Up first... Justin & Gavin... not too bad of a picture... maybe we'll get some cute ones of all the kids in their costumes after all! (Kensley: Albino Indian Cambreigh: Hannah Montana)

By this point - it was hilarious how uncooperative the kids were, and the only things going through my mind were:

1) Theses photos are probably going to end up on the Awkward Family Photos website

2) Glad I'm not the photographer for the Duggers
or Jon & Kate Plus 8!
When Maddox woke up from his nap upset, for some unknown reason, we thought it would be even funnier to add him to the chaos!
Whoa is right! What were we thinking, seriously?

In case you're wondering... I am NOT planning on taking the kids to get professional pictures taken for Christmas! I could only imagine what a disaster that could turn into... and a waste of money!
As usual, by the end of the evening, Kensley was wore out from playing all day and snuggled up with Rob while the rest of us could have some adult conversation!
Looking at this sweet, little face, you'd never dream of the destruction that "Tropical Storm Kensley" made throughout Nana & Penpa's house!

Guess that's what happens when you have 4 grandkids under the age of 5... you're GOING to have messes... and LOTS of them!


Justin and Lisa said...

This is hilarious!! Thanks for posting these pictures :)

Justin and Lisa said...

I can't help it...I keep laughing at this blog! I especially get a good chuckle out of the pic where: Maddox has his head towards me, screaming, Gavin is trying to get Maddox out of his costume, Kensley is trying to get away from Maddox, and Cambreigh is, well being Cambreigh. Whoa!! 20 days till our "girls day"...yes I'm counting down :)