What A Smile A Little Pixie Dust Can Bring!

If you have followed my blog this past year, you may remember reading about this picture taken last Christmas.
Kensley was holding a present that Rob specifically picked out and it was the FIRST time that he ever wrote her name...

Yes, I'm fully aware that she was like 6 months old, but who's keeping track, right? (As if the wrapping paper wasn't a dead giveaway, it was the Tinker Bell movie.)
Today, Rob came home with a "I'm so proud of you gift" for Kensley. Kensley did fantastic with her surgery and he wanted to get her a little something.

*Note, I hate to say that this is only the SECOND time that he's written her name, in fear that I'm mistaken, but it's safe to say that this is at least 1 of the first 5 occurrences... so I thought I better get a photo!
With great anticipation, he handed Kensley her surprise!
She was SO excited to see something so pretty... just for her!
Rob went to Walmart (gasp... yes, all by himself) today on his lunch, returned to work, and wrapped her special treat.

I like how he wanted to make sure that she noticed the Tinker Bell wrapping paper :)
Like Christmas morning, Kensley sat, cuddled up on the couch, eager to see what was inside.
Hip Hip Hooray! The new Tinker Bell movie!
(This age is fun because the shape/size of the box
isn't a dead give away... yet)
That's right folks! It just came out today - we can finally say that we have a new release to add to our collection!
As it appears, some things will never change, Kensley wanted to READ about it first!

It was a hard dilemma which movie to chose since Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs also made its big debut today, with a special feature about Skrat (the little chipmunk looking character that Kensley thinks is hilarious) but in the end, I'm glad that he chose what he did.

Disney World sure is going to be a special vacation
for them in the summer of 2013!

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Lateshia said...

I am trying to get to Disney World too! Maybe we can shoot for 2013! lol. I love LOVE Scrat! he cracks me up! I can't believe how big this girl is!