She Said SHOES!

I was busy in the kitchen when I heard,
what sounded like a tiny little voice saying "shoes".

Stunned, I tried to find Kensley in the living room,
but she wasn't there.

To my amazement, I found her in our closet, pulling shoes out of their storage hanger and saying... SHOES!
She just kept saying SHOES everytime she would pick up a new pair; right on que!
I was SO happy to hear her talk... and say a word in the correct context... I told her I was going to call Daddy!
I guess she thought she was in trouble (as she normally is for dragging dirty shoes all over the clean carpet) and sat down in the closet for a good pout.

So... nope, Rob didn't get to hear her sweet little voice...
this time :)

1 comment:

Corey said...

so funny! cannon does EXACTLY the same thing! :)
she's talking cause her tubes are helping! yay!