Our Little Pumpkin Family

This year, I opted not to carve pumpkins for a few reasons:

1) Why spend the $15 if we don't even get
any Trick-or-Treaters?

2) Kensley is much to small to be given a knife...
or even select a design for us to do for her.

3) I didn't want to deal with the mess;
I can barely keep up with the housework as it is!

So... what did we do/make instead?

Here's your first clue:
(So much for the whole, "Let's do an alternative project to bypass a disaster of a mess" theory)

Those fashionable highlights were created by none other than my glamorous daughter, in the matter of one quick swipe of an orange-paint-filled hand!
We made HAND PRINT pumpkins!

You just put orange paint on the palm portion of your hand to create a pumpkin, and a green thumbprint for a stem completes the project!

(That is... unless your child runs WILD after highlighting her hair and frantically searches for every clean surface to touch, with not-so-much washable paint!)

That's okay - I've longed for the days when we can do craft projects together. If nothing else, it just adds character to our home, right?

If you said "right" you obviously don't know me very well...

I quickly had to get out the Magic Erase cleaning pads and some touch up paint!

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