Not Me Monday

I would never let Kensley run around outside in NEW socks, playing with a medicine bottle, while trying to get a picture of her in her Halloween costume... nope, not me!
I would never let my child eat a handful of cat food becuase it made for a cute picture... nope, not me!
I would never not know how Bentli, the cat, made it inside without me knowing... nope, not me!

I would never use a 20% off coupon on a $1 hand sanitiser at Bath & Body works... TWICE... nope not me! Hey, 20 cents is 20 cents, right?

I would never eat ice cream with a fork to sooth my sore throat when it was 37 degrees outside... nope, not me! By eating it with a fork, it detours guests from wanting any once they see the hash marks

I would never wear the same outfit three days in a row becuase I wasn't going to see the same people... nope, not me!

I would never purcchase chicken & stars soup and then REFUSE to eat the chicken... nope, not me!
I would never let my child play "Johnny Space Comander" and place a plastic bag over her head... and then think it was amusing enough to photograph... nope, not me!

Rob thinks I'm going to get turned into to Child Protective Services for these photos... hope he's wrong!

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Ina said...

I would never take back my child's birthday gift because it was loud and annoying to exchange it for something else...nope, not me!!

I would never skip a birthday party so that I wouldn't have to expose my child to a bunch of germy kids...nope, not me!!

PS. I won't eat the "chicken" in chicken & stars either! Yuk!