Kensley Got TUBES Today!

Sneakin' a peak in the rear-view mirror to make sure she looked cute enough for surgery!
Daddy carrying Kensley into the hospital
You have NO idea how I hope this is the last time that we will ever see her with her finger in her ear
Playing in the waiting room with her friends; Biscuit & Gravy
We waited for what seemed forever (1 1/2 hours) before the doctor even arrived
Jumping on the bed She thought she was pretty hot stuff to get a gown with DOGS all over it!
Still waiting for them to take her back... playing with Mama's camera lens cover... that has been MIA for about a month... that I just recently found in the bottom of her Little People tote.
Once she started to twirl my hair, we hoped for what would happen next...
She quietly fell fast asleep in my arms, just the way I wanted it! The nurses came and got her and she stayed asleep while they gave her the REAL sleepy medicine... oh, how my heart sang to not have to hear her wail for us :)
As soon as her surgery was over and they called Kensley's name, Rob was off and running (I on the other hand, was anticipating it would take a little longer and was cleaning out my purse/diaper bag and had a mess all over my lap)
She was a little teary, but was more tired than in pain... or at least we think that was her deal.
There's nothing like twirling Mama's hair... I often wonder... when will she stop doing this? Hopefully NEVER!
Safe at home, resting...
with little puffs of cotton in her ears!

It was wonderful to have my Mom with us; she was mainly there for my moral support, but of course I over packed and she could at least manage all of the {un-needed} luggage!

Kensley's hearing already seems to have improved... even with cotton in them. She heard cartoons at the hospital and the leaf blower outside.

Oh, how I have prayed that this will be
Kensley's MIRACLE surgery!


Corey said...

SO glad it went well! Weren't you amazed at how fast it went?!?!?
I hope this is a new beginning for you guys! Cannon still gets sick but hasn't had an ear infection since he got hte tubes so every little cold doesn't turn into more!
Yay for you guys!

Ina said...

I am so glad everything went well. I hope it means less sick visits to the doctor. What a big girl!!

BTW, your hair looks great! I love that cut/style on you.