Kensley's {Early} Birthday with Aunt Emily & Uncle Nick

The Celebration Has Begun! Aunt Emily is headed to med school, so she and Uncle Nick gave Kensley her Birthday presents early! 

Kensley was thrilled with all of their incredible gifts... but the inflatable unicorn head paired with the mermaid snuggie tail were Rob's favorites! 

At the end of the evening, Rob and I talked about how we never could have imagined that two awesome people would enter our lives in such a whirlwind and instantly connect with our children. The past two years have been filled with so much heartache, loss and grief... but this... right now... seeing our kids smitten with new family members... makes all that pain hurt a little less. Thank you Emily and Nick for loving our family well!


Plum Orchard Lake {Scarbo, WV} 2017

In honor of West Virginia's 154th Birthday, we went to our FAVORITE lake, Plum Orchard.
It is breathtakingly beautiful around mid/late June when all of the lily pads begin to bloom!

Snails, dragonflies, salamanders... oh my!

I love the photo of Mom and Kensley taking a selfie; oh how fun that will be to look back on in 20 years!

Nolan pretended to be Moana - didn't take long to figure out it's way harder to paddle with a 1/2 of an oar.

We had a picnic at the campground area and was AMAZED at this tiny butterfly that Kensley carried around... which ate bread from her sandwich!

We feel like this place is a hidden gem that others need to enjoy;
as you can see, we were the only kayakers there!

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