Plum Orchard Lake {Scarbo, WV} 2017

In honor of West Virginia's 154th Birthday, we went to our FAVORITE lake, Plum Orchard.
It is breathtakingly beautiful around mid/late June when all of the lily pads begin to bloom!

Snails, dragonflies, salamanders... oh my!

I love the photo of Mom and Kensley taking a selfie; oh how fun that will be to look back on in 20 years!

Nolan pretended to be Moana - didn't take long to figure out it's way harder to paddle with a 1/2 of an oar.

We had a picnic at the campground area and was AMAZED at this tiny butterfly that Kensley carried around... which ate bread from her sandwich!

We feel like this place is a hidden gem that others need to enjoy;
as you can see, we were the only kayakers there!

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